Saturday, May 29, 2010

You're happy.
You're smiling.
I sometimes wonder
If it ever hurt you at all.
Unless it's all a facade?


Thursday, May 20, 2010


So i'm supposed to say hi?
Saturday, May 08, 2010

idk why i suddenly feel like blogging at this hour well but ya suddenly gt tat urge to... Maybe coz it's the stress of midyears, maybe it's coz my life has stress unwittingly added on by me:o. Life's trying to let me get used to it but i...haiz):...just can't wait for the exams to end and to nt screw up... Just tell myself...:o
Wat do u hav exactly
That takes my attention
And steal my feelings away?

Thanks guys(:
Friday, February 05, 2010

"I'm walking on this lonely road, but I don't mind at all"(:

East zone's over. We got last place again. However, is that what we really deserve? I don't think so, but what's done can't be undone. There are many fingers we can point as to why we lost or there can be many factors why we can't win, however does it matter now? This experience has definitely been fun, maybe enriching and in the first match, dramatic. Why only the first match? Coz it's the only match where every one of us all put in 100%. To say it's exciting is an understatement for that match as it was a rollercoaster match all the way till the end.

That match killed our spirits, and of course that match affected us for the whole zonals. Mentally, there was the "we-are-gonna-be-out spirit." Who dares to deny that? However, I'm proud of you guys for giving your best in every match still.

HAHA wat was i doing by typing that paragraph and still reading it over and over again? lol nvm... life goes by really quickly. Haiz i think time really flies i think i'm going to go gaga sooner or later :o just hope i dun get too irritated too easily>.<

To B div'09/10:

i'm proud of all of us and happy that this is where i learnt to play as a team(: good luck too all you ppl in jc volley for the sec 4s and for the sec 3s work harder and jy for next year(:

Sec 4s

Tsz Hin

You've been a real nice guy, helping me out on the many aspects of volleyball. Somehow i still feel that all those memories will be something we all can treasure and laugh about next time. Knowing you the longest, I definitely still do not know what or why you would think of something sometimes, but I know that you do give yr best in everything. Thanks cap for being a nice friend, a listening buddy and a gling captain:)

Shao Hong

Gee, I must thank you a lot I guess. Even though I never really knew you till last year somewhere near the end of the year, I would never have seen yr dedication in volleyball and training someone so much to that extent as you have trained me. Thanks a lot. I'm still learning, and so should you(: Good luck in volleyball in yr dream vjc.

Kah Yong

Hmm we dun really communicate much in volleyball sense do we? Hahaha(: it's usually got more to do with the emotional aspect as we keep having those long talks where we would talk about anything under the sun. I hope we can land in the same junior college and continue that coz it would be really nice:) We aren't the closest of friends but yet the no of secrets we know of each other are somehow equivalent to being that. Never falling into the same class as you has played a huge part in that i guess as we can never have quarrels too long yet closeness too tight. Jy in jc volleyball if you still wan to go(:


Haha another buddy from sec 1-4. I still rmb, we used to be enemies at the start right? Hmm somehow that has fostered into a friendship(: thanks for the bus rides home and going to tuitions together. Next year, it will be harder for all of us to be the same way liao lol(: Currently, I think you are going through what i'm going through. So it ain't too bad right? At least we can always laugh it off and emo together(: Jy in jc volleyball coz I know that's where you are aiming for(: anyway, ps abt it, i just wanted to watch law by law hahaha(:


Inspiring? That would be the nicest word I can think of for you(: hmm but in truth, you do inspire me a lot, with all yr gl comments and yr short time spent with me playing in the same positions. We do take a lot of tips from each other right? Alright mostly is i take from you when you had to be the "senior" in the zhu gong position. Jy in jc volleyball i bet you are going there too right? hahaha(: continue bringing the laughter and diao faces from our team:)

Zheng Kai

One of the loudest players on the court and yet the quietest off court eh? hahaha(: let me think... it's really nice to be with you luh and you are one of the most encouraging players to be on the court with(: jy in getting to vjc and do well in yr violin performance k? hahaha let's go act china some other day (:

I won't be updating in a long while until i feel like it i guess(: all the best to myself for x-country and of coz to keep my promise to you.(:


A brand new beginning
Saturday, January 30, 2010

I believe I can do it, and i shall try my best to achieve everything I have set out to do. Proving Mr Zaid wrong, forgetting her completely and doing myself proud. It's definitely possible.

sorry ppl updating properly after east zone's completely over.(:

2010's finally here(:
Saturday, January 02, 2010

what if i told u i still love you?
"Speechless...why i'm still holding on to this string"
Hapy new year ppl lol(: i'm nt gonna blog very often liao coz i guess i just have too many events coming up:o
This year's my last year i think i'm going into vball already. Though i have only been in the team lesser than my other teammates, the time i spent there was definitely memorable(: thank you guys for making me realise what a true team means. From the gledness to the encouragements...I appreciate them all. Hope to see us all smiling tat bright when the competition's over. :)

This year is also my final year in secondary school. Once I leave this place, there's no saying of me being an innocent guy anymore. I have grown much in there, both emotionally, physically and definitely mentally. Though I won't say I have the clearest state of mind now, I do hope by the time the final exams arrive, I will be all smiles once this year reaches the end.


thank you for making the last part of 2009 such a memorable part that i will find it hard to forget. The pain might go away someday but i won't regret those times i spent with you. Good luck for 2010 and may you find someone better than me someday.

Coz it's the start of 2010
and i've gotta learn to let go.
In order to stand up
i've to fall first.
I won't forget you
and nvr will.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I will walk this path alone for now under the wet weather . Saying sorry just makes me more hurt than ever...

"In the wet weather, it's not the test of time, but the test of wettest"

I'm still walking around

trying to be strong(:

but somewhere inside my heart

that part of me has just died


I hope for life to be perfect but knows it is just another dream. I get emo easily i think of too much things, i like analogies and reading poems, hate solving riddles though coz i will get so many answers but never the correct one.I hope for a class tee soon, a class photo and to talk to everyone in this class.:D please do leave a tag though


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